For over 33 years, Shiraz Art conservation & consulting has built and maintained an esteemed reputation for their expert knowledge

of high quality artwork and period frames. Our longstanding relationships with auction houses, corporations, and 

experts in the field of Art enables us to provide private individuals, corporations and museums with an extensive 

range of services, including assessment of condition, art collection development, acquisition advisement, installation, 

conservation services, resources for quality framing and frame repair, insurance, and professional packing and 

worldwide shipping.


Consulting, Procurement and Sales

With our backgrounds in restoration and art history, we assist clients in selecting paintings and expanding collections 

by assessing the current collection and establishing the types of works that would best suit the client’s collection 

wishes. An assessment of condition, installation recommendations, conservation services, resources for quality 

framing and frame repair are only a few of the variety of ways in which we assist our client. 

Given our understanding of Conservation, we can provide a unique perspective to our clients. We provide collectors 

with the knowledge necessary to make wise choices in today’s shifting art market, as well as, provide recommendation 

for displaying a client’s art in a way that enhances its beauty and ensures its safety within a proper environment.



With over 30 years’ experience, our clients can be assured that each and every work of art will be assessed for condition, 

thoroughly analyzed based on material using the highest quality equipment and materials to insure the highest level of 

quality repairs and conservation of the client’s work. In addition, we also provide insurance to the client while the piece is 

in our possession to provide the client with piece of mind. 

We are committed to the preservation of art using principles of minimal invasion while employing the most advanced 

materials and technologies. As in the Hippocratic Oath, we pledge first to do no harm. The original intent of the artist is 

the first concern. We provide museum quality conservation to individual and corporate clients.


Framing Services

Frames are unmistakable works of art in and of themselves. A handcrafted period frame can be even more valuable 

than the painting it presents. Many great artists design and create their own frames, while most artists work closely 

with fine craftsmen to make the correct frame for their paintings. 

Every piece of art deserves to have a proper well-made frame that will enhance the expression of the artist as well 

as increase the value of the piece. Shiraz Art Consulting maintains a collection of first quality period frames dating 

from the 15th to the 20th century. We also work closely with frame historians in Europe and New York to provide 

our clients with the best frame suited for their collection of art.

With over 30 years’ experience in the Fine Arts sector we have built a reputable reputation as an international fine art 

consulting and conservation group with worldwide references. Our clients can be confidence in our conservation 

and consultation services provided.